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Become a Friend of Marden House Concerts

We have now reached our twenty-first season of concerts and, under the direction of our Artistic Director Daniel Tong, we have, yet again, a superb programme of recitals to set before you.  As you read the brochure you will see that there is a veritable feast of music to enjoy and I am confident that you will find the range and diversity of this year's concerts exciting, stimulating and memorable.

 The Friends of Marden House Concerts are vital to the success of each season. The contribution they make through their financial support is invaluable and immeasurable, and we ask you to note that the minimum subscription remains at 15 and we will, again this year, be organising a Friends Luncheon to take place before the final concert of the season.  I do urge you to become a Friend, if you are not one already, and through your donation help to underwrite one of our recitals.  If you able to Gift-Aid your donation it would be very helpful because you can boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every 1 you donate, and it is quite painless! It is important to note the wording in the declaration that is now required by HM Revenue and Customs and also to emphasise that all Gift Aid donations are made by individual taxpayers and not couples or partners.

As you can see we have had to raise the ticket price to 14 (we last increased ticket prices in 2013) but the the Open Ticket system stays the same, which gives you an opportunity for a bargain; you will see the details on the back of the brochure.  Please share the spare brochures with your friends.

Margaret Garratt  (Chairman)    


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Registered Charity No: 1159922